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Delta-Fly Pharma is celebrating its 10th year since it was established on December 6, 2010. With our module drug development concept, we develop new anticancer drugs that have improved balance of safety and efficacy by using existing drugs and compounds with anticancer properties as components in our products.

The growing number of cancer patients accompanying the aging population is a major issue as many of the existing anticancer treatments are very expensive and place a significant economic burden on patients and governments that pay for treatments. In addition, many anticancer treatments are known to have debilitating side effects.

Our mission is to develop “gentle” anticancer drugs with reduced side effects that can be provided at a reasonable price and benefit cancer patients and society worldwide.

Kiyoshi Eshima, President

Kiyoshi Eshima, President(photo)

All of our executives(photo)

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Company Name
Delta-Fly Pharma, Inc.
December 6th in 2010
Kiyoshi Eshima
Head Office
37-5 Nishikino, Miyajima, Kawauchi-cho, Tokushima 771-0116, Japan
Tokyo, Beijing, Vancouver